Week 3, 2011

Bok Choy is a Chinese Cabbage.

Harvest Newsletter, June 2011
Week 3 of 18

Greetings, Members!

Farm News: Week 3 of 18, will hopefully bring us sunshine and less rain…the possibility of 4 floods in two years seems one too many, “Or 3 too many” says Farmer Adam. We do live in the MN River Valley so it is to be expected. An update on broccoli… as it is listed as part of June harvest, the 100 degree days we had a few weeks ago bolted the beautiful crowns that we anticipated sharing in the first deliveries. Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that broccoli will be a fall treat.

This week’s harvest: Red and green head lettuce, dill, basil, radishes, green and lacinato kale, spinach, amish peas, rainbow chard, cilantro, bok choy, and either spring or mesclun salad mix or arugula.

Reminders/Notices: Please leave the top to the share box if there is one provided, we use them to stack the boxes which makes delivery much easier. As always remember to exchange and return your share box each week clean during your designated pick time.

Recipe Ideas:

Thinly chop kale, chard or the head lettuce and use it to garnish tacos or a wrap. Adán’s preferred taco spread is mashed black beans cooked in the crockpot and a little bit of avocado. Use the dill to season mashed potatoes, or grilled fish. Cilantro makes a great pesto or pico de gallo. Check out recipes.com for new cooking ideas! If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the greens it may be a great opportunity to have friends come over for lunch or dinner and share the abundance of the season!
For visuals if something is unfamiliar in your share box/harvest newsletter check out:
www.highmowingseeds.com (the column on the left side of the website provides a list of vegetables, etc)
www.johnnyseeds.com (Product Index)
www.seedsavers.org (scroll to the bottom, and click on Helpful Links)

Happy eating! ~ Lupita & Adam

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