Week 7, 2012

The watermelon plants are starting to run. Those long vines support big fruit.

Harvest Newsletter, August 2012
Week 7 of 18

Greetings, Members!

Farm News: Check out the new partnership with Good Earth Mill and Grains, www.GoodEarthMill.com.  Email subscribers, the attachment has information on how to order, payment, etc.  Delivery of grains/mixes will be July 30th.  Place your order ASAP, so the folks at Good Earth can process grains accordingly.  The product (grains/mixes) will be in your CSA box, if ordered. All orders will be done online using their website (listed above) and payment through PayPal.  We are pleased to be able to add this new option to our CSA, let us know if you have questions

This week’s harvest includes: New Potatoes (Red Norland), hopefully Green Beans (Provider), Summer squash (Success and Goldy) and Zucchini (Dunja and Partenon), Cucumbers (Corinto and Tasty Jade…longer ones), Swiss Chard (Rainbow Improved), Basil (Genovese), Tomatoes (Big Beef, Trust, or Cobra), Carrots (Nelson), Eggplant (Falcon), and maybe peppers starting Thursday.

*Variations from the above list may happen due to unexpected issues on harvest days

Reminders and Important Notices:

  1. Please return the tops to the share boxes if you do take from the Farm or Mankato sites.
  2. Remember to place your order with Good Earth Mill and Grains, if interested, ASAP.

Recipes and Tips

The large cucumbers are great juiced, and sweetened with organic cane sugar or basil syrup.  The large zukes (shredded) are excellent for fritters, or zucchini bread. As well as a filler in buckwheat pancakes – definitely a favorite of ours topped with Minnesota Maple Syrup.

Eggplant can be used to make Baba Ganouj- also freezes well, sliced and grilled, baked in lasagna, breaded, broiled, etc.

Shred the large zukes and place in your preferred freezer container for use during the winter months, to make muffins, or bread – a great and quick method to process zukes that does not require blanching.


For visuals if something is unfamiliar in your share box/harvest newsletter check out:

www.highmowingseeds.com (the column on the left side of the website provides a list of vegetables, etc)
www.johnnyseeds.com (Product Index)
www.seedsavers.org (scroll to the bottom, and click on Helpful Links)

Remember to return your box clean and exchange it for the full share box.  Thanks in advance!

Happy eating! ~ Lupita, Adam, and Adán

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