Week 3 of 18, 2014


Adam prepping the bed for fall cauliflower and rutabagas!

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Week 3 of 18, 2014


Week 2, 2014



Greetings Members!

Our first week was a success despite the heavy rain we all experienced.  Thursday was the first time in five years we saw puddles throughout the field and we could hear the creek (typically dry) roaring loudly!

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Week 1, 2014

Thank you row cover!

Thank you row cover!

Greetings Members!
Welcome to the 5th CSA season! This spring has been interesting with cooler temps, plenty of rain and inconsistent heat the plants need to grow. We have noticed some changes in how things are growing. In previous seasons the peas by now have produced flowers and the start of pods. We hope to send peas by week three.  The tiny flea beetles are continuous pests and discovered the first planting of freshly germinated radishes and broccoli basically eating them down to nothing. Since Adam does succession planting there will be more to harvest from! Thank goodness for row cover which is a thin garden cloth that limits the entry of bugs, nonetheless some find their way in. Blessings ~ Lupita and Adam

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