Week 4 of 18, 2014


Weekly Harvest News   ***  July 6, 2014     ***     Week 4 of 18

Greetings Members!

Farm News:   Almost all 800 pepper plants are trellised with cages, and field tomatoes are trellised with twine. The summer transplants (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zukes, melons, etc.) are ready for heat to continue to grow and produce fruit. We could use a break from the nasty gnats and mosquitos but with all the standing water in the area they will only continue to multiply.

Anticipated Harvest:  Kale, head lettuce, peas, chard, radishes, kohlrabi, dill, cilantro, cucumbers, beet greens, salad mix, probably basil, maybe zucchini, and fresh eating onions

Basil – great in pasta, as a pesto, or make a basil syrup and add to lemonade.   We have found that basil keeps fresh for about a week (or longer) when the stems are placed in about 2 inches of water in a glass jar. The basil bouquet is kept at room temperature, and also is quite aromatic.


Lupita and Adam






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