Week 12 of 18, 2014

Living Land Farm                     Weekly Harvest News


Greetings Members,

 Farm News: Happy Labor Day! September has arrived which also means back to school for many and time to switch gears.   If possible please clean your bucket, and return it when you pick up your share box weekly or biweekly.  This helps us (especially Lupita) when pre-prepping/organizing for Monday and Thursday deliveries and ensures Adam will have the correct boxes set up to pack and deliver.  Adam, will now be solo weekly for the remainder of the season – packing and delivering the shares to each site. Lupita, will continue to help as much as time allows after school and weekends.

Anticipated Harvest:   Green beans, cantaloupe or watermelon, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, head lettuce, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, and cucumbers.

In our kitchen this week: Carrot tuna salad, tacos, lasagna (with GF pasta), chunky mashed potatoes, sautéed/steamed green beans with garlic salt, sandwiches made with meat and layers of veggies, zucchini muffins, carrot cake, spanish rice, quinoa salad, and eggs, sliced peppers with fried potatoes.  

Tip:  Freeze the hot pepper (whole or chopped) and use in a chili or other soup this winter.


Lupita and Adam

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