Six Years Overdue

It has been six years since I updated this website (October 12th, 2015 to be exact). It felt fitting since I unexpectly reconnected with a former CSA family. As you may or may not know, our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) ended in October of 2015. It was a change that we had not planned for when we started the farm. However, it needed to happen. We needed to expand our production, rent more land, and hire employees to be financially stable. Needless to say it was a decision that was not taken lightly. Change needed to happen and it felt right for Adam to accept a (full-time) off farm job. Our growing focus switched to wholesale accounts with the St. Peter Food Coop (Produce and Deli), River Rock Coffee, and Indigo Organic Deli. We continued the Farm to School partnership with Cleveland Public School. As well as the partnership with the Mankato Salvation Army Food Shelf and St. Peter Area Food Shelf (sponsored by The Food Group formerly called Harvest for the Hungry).

Fast forward to to the fall of 2017 and our family grew with the birth of our second daughter. Lupita took an unpaid three year leave of absence from teaching. The following growing season would include the sale of tomatoes, peppers, kale, onions, shallots, sweet potatoes, watermelon, and potatoes. In the early months of 2018 our 40 x 80 high tunnel collapsed due to the excess weight of snow. That was our tomato production haven. We knew to rebuild it, was not fea$ible. We had received a matched $avings account (to help fund this high tunnel) through a Farm Beginnings Course we took in 2011 or 2012. We would have needed at least $10,000 to rebuild it. The farm was making enough money to cover the growing expenses (seed, etc), property taxes, and the loan through the FSA (Farm Service Agency).

Fast forward again to 2021. We continue to grow produce, however, on a much smaller scale. A lot has happened since we started working with and on the land we call home. Adam continues to focus his attention on permaculture and sustainable growing methods. His vision remains; to build and grow for the unexpected. Living Land Farm is currently not the CSA we started, nonetheless is evolving and still growing. We envisioned growing fruit and now have 25 apple trees, 6 cherry, and 3 pear. Future plans include honeyberry, currants, hazel nuts, juneberry, elderberry, blueberry, sea berry, meat birds, and a few pigs.

We are forever grateful to all the families and the community support during our CSA years and the present. The farm continues to be powered by the sun, passionate humans, a diesel fueled BCS (a walk behind tractor), hand tools, and a John Deer tractor purchased in 2016! Cheers to you and doing what feels right.

Organically yours,



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